Bricklayers & Allied Trades


Scope of Work

Bricklayers do heavy lifting combined with precise positioning of components. The work involves the placement of a wide variety of brick, masonry block, stone, marble, terra cotta, tile, and related materials. These are used in the construction of walls, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys, and other structures. They also install the fire brick linings of kilns and industrial furnaces.


Lansing Apprenticeship & Training Program 
Howard Hipes, Apprenticeship Coordinator
3321 Remy Drive
Lansing, MI 48906
Tel: (517) 886-2221
Fax: (517) 886-5450

Detroit Apprenticeship & Training Program
Howard Hipes, Apprenticeship Coordinator
21031 Ryan Road
Warren, MI 48091
Tel: (586) 757-6668
Fax: (586) 757-7015

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