For Educators & Parents

The growing demand for trades jobs has opened new windows of opportunity. Apprenticeships provide expert, reputable training for young individuals looking for a career in construction.

2020 MI Construction Career Guidebook

The 2020 Michigan Construction Career Manual is a career planning resource compiled by the AGC of Michigan. We hope that you will find the information valuable for understanding Apprenticeship opportunities and programs available across Michigan. If you are interested in joining an Apprenticeship program in the construction industry, please apply on our website.

For Educators

Your advice and counsel is critical to students as they graduate and pursue a career.

The construction industry offers ever-evolving, dynamic career opportunities for students who want to enter the workforce immediately after high school and for those who want to pursue college degrees.

The industry needs individuals with advanced degrees and training in business and computer-savvy positions - such as project managers, estimators and designers - as well as skilled trades specialists. A career in construction offers good pay and benefits, ability to continue education, potential to advance, and opportunities to be your own boss. Job opportunities are plentiful and expected to increase over 10% through 2016.

Many skilled trades apprenticeship programs have an articulation/matriculation agreement with community colleges; Apprentice classes transfer as credit toward an associates degree with additional core courses taken at the community college.

We especially encourage students who have a strong interest and aptitude in math, science, and technologies to pursue careers in construction. From construction management degree programs at world renowned universities to apprenticeship programs and trade schools, educational opportunities in construction are plentiful and varied.

There is an amazing sense of accomplishment achieved when a person helps design or build a stadium, bridge, high rise, or hospital. Your advice to students will help them decide what they want to do with their lives. A career in construction may be the best decision they'll ever make.

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) wants to help your students get their construction career started. Encourage your students to check out the videos and resources on this website. To obtain more information about construction careers or to locate a construction professionals to come to your school, contact your local AGC chapter.

For Parents

Middle-skill jobs, requiring some post-secondary education but less than a Bachelor's degree, are expected to make up the largest share of new jobs created between 2013 and 2017. Sources: Economic Modeling Specialists Intl, CareerBuilder.

As your child's greatest supporter, we recognize that you want what is best for them: to be healthy, happy and successful, both as children and as adults. As a parent you play an integral role in guiding them along the right path. As your child receives their high school diploma, we hope you encourage your child to explore the many careers in construction.

A career in construction offers good pay and benefits, ability to continue education, potential to advance, and opportunities to be your own boss. In the next ten years, the construction industry will need additional workers to cover new work and a retiring workforce. And it's not just careers in the skilled trades. Administrative, design, and construction management careers are all on the rise.

Journey wages in Michigan range from $18 - $33 per hour plus a generous benefits package that includes health care, pension and more.

Your son or daughter might have what it takes to design or build the next stadium, bridge, high rise, or even your town's next hospital. Help your child consider a career in the construction industry and watch them build a successful future!

Example Career Paths