Building her future | Emily Williams

A single decision has the potential to change your whole life. For Emily, it was the decision to apply for an apprenticeship.

Starting out at Wayne Community College, Emily found the financial burden to be too large and had to stop attending classes. She wanted to find a way to provide for herself, her fiance, and her step-son. Then, a solution hit her like a ton of bricks.

After visiting Genesee/Shiawassee/Thumb MichiganWorks! Emily was screened and approved for a Center for Construction Research and Training Environmental Career Worker Training Program. The program provides an introduction to the skilled trades. Emily had previously worked as a laborer so the course was an easy task.
Once she successfully completed EWCT program, she applied and began the Michigan Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Union Local 2 Bricklaying Apprenticeship Program. Within her time at her apprenticeship, she has worked on a variety of projects, such as Zug Island in Detroit, a child development center, a steel plant, and many more.

Her apprenticeship offers her a $20 an hour minimum, health benefits, and many more perks that allow her to provide for her family. When she finishes the program, she will have earned a nationally recognized journeyman certificate of completion.

Emily is forever grateful for the chance to have had the chance to create a life-long career. Her position within the skilled trades has given her a stable career with compensation that will lighten financial burdens.