5 Reasons Why More Women Should Get Into Construction

The construction industry is continuing to grow in Michigan. Opportunities to advance in the skilled trades are plentiful, and this industry needs more women!

An Apprenticeship program is a foundation for a successful career in the construction industry. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job learning with related instruction to produce qualified employees for high skilled construction jobs. Read on to learn more about the advantages for women interested in the construction skilled trades:
  1. Lifelong career opportunities
    In the construction industry, there are endless possibilities for advancement. Whether you want to be an architect, laborer, project manager or contractor, a union Apprenticeship program is a foundation for a lifetime of opportunities.
  2. Transferable credentials
    Graduates of DOL registered Apprenticeship programs earn a credential which allows them to travel and work all over the country for contractors. The skills learned during an Apprenticeship program can be applied to many different sectors (and be very helpful for your own home improvement projects!)

  3. Earn while you learn
    Apprentices start earning a paycheck day one which increases as their training, skills, and abilities progress. Studies show that those who complete a Registered Apprenticeship program earn $300,000 more over the course of their careers (DOL, 2014).

  4. Feeling of achievement
    The projects and building you help create will inspire generations to come. Each stone, piece of stained glass, or column erected in the construction industry is something much bigger than ourselves, and being able to take a look back and say “I built that!” is gratifying feeling.

  5. Every day is something new
    Forget the 9 to 5 cubicle jobs -- every construction site brings new, interesting challenges. You’ll learn something new every day and on each project from the top professionals in the industry.

Whether your passion is carpentry, project management or welding, there’s a place for you in Michigan’s construction industry.